Sunday, November 23, 2014

PicScout is Hiring !!!

Hi all,

PicScout is looking for top notch SW engineers that would like to join an extremely innovative team.
If you consider yourself as one that can fit the team, please solve the below quiz and if your solution is well written - expect a phone call from us. You can choose any programming language you like to write the code.

Don't forget to also attach your CV along with the solution.
Candidates that will finally be hired will win a 3K NIS prize.

So here it is:
We want to build a tic–tac–toe server.
The server will enable two users to log in. It will create a match between them and will let them play until the match is over.

The clients can run on any UI framework or even as console applications.(We want to put our main focus on the server for this quiz). Extra credit is given for: good design, test coverage, clean code.

Answers can be sent to:

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  1. I found that site very usefull and this survey is very cirious, I ' ve never seen a blog that demand a survey for this actions, very curious